Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bear Amigurumi Pattern

I decided to make a cute little amigurumi bear pattern. These are so simple and quick, I have decided to crochet up an army of them to give to charity for the holidays. Here's the pattern!

Here are some things you need:

Yarn! I used Vanna's Choice Baby - Poodle Pink, Mint, and Blue.
Hook size that matches whichever yarn you want to use. I used F/3.75
A Tapestry Needle
Some safety eyes, buttons, sequins, etc. Anything you want to use for the eyes.

Here are some abbreviations that I use throughout the pattern:

SC: Single Crochet
DEC: Decrease
INC: Increase
ST: Stitch
CH: Chain



Sc 7 in loop. Pull tight.
Round 1: Increase in each stitch around (14)
Round 2: *Sc 1, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (21)
Round 3: *Sc 2, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (28)
Round 4: *Sc 3, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (35)
Round 5: *Sc 4, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (42)
Round 6-8: Sc around. (42)
Round 9: *Dec 1, Sc 4. Repeat from * around. (35)
Round 10: *Dec 1, Sc 3. Repeat from * around (28)
Round 11: *Dec 1, Sc 2. Repeat from * around. (21)
Round 12: *Dec 1, Sc 5. Repeat from * around. (18)
Finish off. Leave a long tail.

Sc 7 in loop. Pull tight.
Round 1: Increase in each stitch around. (14)
Round 2: *Sc 1, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (21)
Round 3: *Sc 2, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (28)
Round 4: Sc around. (28)
Round 5: *Dec 1, Sc 2. Repeat from * around. (21)
Rounds 6-9: Sc around. (21)
Round 10: *Dec 1, Sc 5. Repeat from * around. (18)
Round 11-12: Sc around. (18)
Finish off.
Sew together and Stuff the head and body.

Dress (Optional)

After Sewing the head to the body, Insert your hook into the back of the bear's neck.

Yarn over and pull up a loop.

Now, insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, and bring up a loop.

After doing this, yarn over and pull through both loops. You have just made a sc stitch.

Repeat this process around.

Start scing in the stitches. You are no longer crocheting into the body, but into the scs you made last.

Rows 1-4: Sc around
Row 5: *Sc 1, Inc 1. Repeat from * around.
Row 6- However long you want the dress: Sc around

Finish off, weaving in ends.


Sc 7 in loop, ch1, turn.
Round 1: Inc in each stitch around (14)

Finish off leaving long tail.

Arms and Legs (4)

Sc 7 in loop. Pull tight.
Row 1-6: Sc around.

Finish off leaving long tail. Stuff.

Sew on as shown.

What about the mouth?

Well, this bear doesn't have a mouth because it speaks from the heart. :)
You can sew one on though if you want to. You can also crochet a little heart or star or design and sew it onto the chest. In my bears, I had the ears and the tips of the legs and arms a different color than the rest of the body.

Be as creative as you want! This is a very flexible amigurumi pattern. I hope you enjoy it. Please tell me if there are any problems!

WHEW! We are tired from all that crochet..

Happy crocheting!



  1. Sandra27.1.10

    Thanks! Love the little dress, too.

  2. Thanks so much for the pattern! They are so adorable!

  3. This will be my first time trying anything like this for my new grandbaby. Thanks for explaining it so well!

  4. Anonymous20.3.10

    They are adorable!!!! I've got a new niece coming in September and can't wait to add this to my list to make her!!

  5. I finished mine yesterday and I love it!!! So quick and easy - I'm making a bigger one to go with her - a baby bear and a mama bear!

  6. What a cute idea! I am glad you all like the pattern :)

  7. awwww that is soo cute

  8. Anonymous9.5.10

    How am I supposed to increase 14?

  9. Anon,

    The (14) represents the total number of stitches you will have at the end of the round. Just crochet two sc in every stitch around. Since the beginning number is 7, 7*2 = 14. I hope this helped! Message if you have any more questions:)

  10. Anonymous15.5.10

    OhhH!!!! okay thank you soo much AC! :) Does anyone have a pattern tto make a cute sushi thing?

  11. Anon,

    I will try to post one soon, once I'm not terribly busy. :)

    Thank you!

  12. Anonymous23.5.10

    Thank you so much! And I made a big one of those bears and I have been selling them for a dollar each. But the money (100% of it) goes to a foundation where I am from called Furburbia. It is for abandoned dogs and cats or animals that are about to be put down. :) I appreciate the pattern for this. But I saw the bunny one that you made and when I tried to get the pattern it was not avaliable....but it was really really cute. Oh. and by the name's Ashley :)

  13. Anonymous23.5.10

    this is the bunny one that I am talking about by the way

  14. Ashley,

    That is a sweet idea! I forgot to mention with my patterns that I don't mind if they are sold. :) By the way, here is the bunny pattern right here:


  15. Anonymous25.5.10


    Thanks a ton! I'll ask my mom if she'll buy that pattern for me :) And Im glad that you dont mind me selling them :). Keep up the patterns and such! I love it! :) Cant wait to see what you have coming up next :)

    Peace and Love,

    p.s. I do the Anonymous because i am too lazy to make an account hehe

  16. Anonymous25.5.10

    OH! By the by! Where do you get your safety eyes!!! I looked Everywhere and no luck for me!


  17. Ashley,

    I get my safety eyes from Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. Where I live, they aren't available in any other stores! You can also buy them online, which is what most people do. A woman I did an amigurumi trade with hand paints some of her safety eyes, which looks really cool! She has a lot of variety. Here is her Etsy shop link:

    She has the best prices that I know of online. :)

    Happy crafting!

  18. Anonymous27.5.10

    How do you attach the ears and arms

  19. You sew the ears on using the same color of yarn you used to make them. Since yarn is thick, you have to sew them on using a tapestry needle. A tapestry needle is just a very large needle with a big hole, perfect for amigurumi sewing. I recomend using the metal needles, since the plastic ones always seem to bend. You can purchase tapestry needles at almost any craft store, such as Michael's, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, etc. I hope this helped!


    P.S.: Here is what a tapestry needle looks like in the packaging in case you aren't sure what they look like:

  20. Anonymous30.5.10

    Thank you so much. I love this pattern. You explain things so well. I will go get the needle. Thanks

  21. Anonymous31.5.10

    With each round, do you chain one before single crocheting?

  22. Anon,

    Nope, you just crochet right along to the next round. There's no chaining or turning with any of the rows. :)


  23. Anonymous31.5.10

    Thanks so much for the quick reply on the chaining question. One you join the rounds with a slip stitch before starting the next round? Thanks so much for all of your help. I love this pattern and I am excited about doing it!!

  24. Anon,

    No problem! :) And no, you just go sc in the stitch, just as if you were still working in a normal round, and not beginning a new one. There's no slip stitching, chaining, or turning in this pattern. :)


  25. When attaching the ears, do you fold them before doing so? I'm not sure I understand how to get them to look like semi circles otherwise since the pattern calls to make a circle.

  26. When you crochet the 7 stitches in the ring, don't join the end to the beginning stitch by slipstitching, or that will make it a circle! If you don't slipstitch, it will stay a cute little half circle. :)

    I corrected the pattern so hopefully it makes more sense!

    Happy crafting! :)

  27. Anonymous13.6.11

    heyy Im 12 and also love to crochet i have my own blog and would like u to vist it and follow me...
    just go to google and type melscrochet and it a blog.
    p.s i love your work!!!!!:)

  28. Awes thank you so much, I will for sure follow you! <3 :)

    Happy crafting!

  29. Anonymous20.6.11

    I'm kind of lost! D: What do I do after round 1?

    Where do I create the sc and where do I increase?

    Sorry >< kind of new to crochet and wanted to do this for my boyfriend's birthday.

  30. Hello!

    First off, I'm not sure if you mean you are having issues with making a magic ring or not, so here is a tutorial! :)

    I use the magic ring because I feel like chaining stitches and then crocheting into one of the ch stitches sometimes leaves a hole in the crochet, and I don't like that. :(

    You increase in every stitch around, so you make TWO single crochets in every ONE stitch around. I had the same problem when I first started crocheting, too! Everything would come out football shaped. I got so frustrated I actually threw what I was making at the time across my room. Haha, quite embarrassing. :)

    Here is a video that will completely start you out on this pattern, the only thing you will do differently is make 7 stitches in the loop instead of 6, so you increase to 14 stitches by the end of the first round.

    Look at that lady's other videos too. :) I hope this helped! Please leave a comment if you need further help, I will make a video for you explaining how to do everything! :)

    Good luck and happy crafting!

  31. Kaila16.7.11

    First time crocheting, I picked it up through YouTube vids. But, this is my first time doing a pattern. Made one for my grandparents Bear and Brent
    who I don't see very often and they love it!

  32. Hey Kaila!

    That is how I learned to crochet too - I'm glad everything turned out great! :)


  33. Anonymous18.7.11

    These look like fun to make. I am going to try and make one for a toy drive im working on for a hospital charity.

  34. It looks good but how do you start?!

  35. You want to start with the double loop or magic ring. I use these methods all the time to start my amigurumi. :) Here is an awesome tutorial if you don't know how to start:

    Happy Crafting!

  36. Anonymous28.6.12

    this is a really cute pattern. By the way this is my first time crocheting my own amigurumi and i had a question. if i make my stitiches too tight will the bear come out correctly? ~samantha

    1. In amigurumi, the tighter your stitches are the better! It's so the stuffing doesn't poke out. I'm actually a REALLY tight crocheter, so your bears should look perfect. :)

      Good Luck!

  37. Help!
    I'm stuck on Round 2: *Sc 1, Inc 1. Repeat from * around. (21)
    Completely confused me!
    What do the * mean and how do I get from 14 to 21?????????

    1. Hello!

      You just make two scs in one stitch. Here is a link with a diagram so you know what I'm talking about:

      and here is a video in case that's more your style:

      So you make one stitch like normal, then make two stitches in the stitch after that, then repeat. So it goes 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 etc.

      I hope I explained that well enough! Just send another message and I will try to help more!